Segment Scale Compensation

If you scale a parent joint in Maya using scale compensation, it creates an offset for child joint rather than scaling it. So if you turn off segment scale compensation on the child joint, it will appear skewed as it does not know how to compensate for off-axis scaling.

But if you do the same thing in 3ds Max, the child scales and creates no offsets. Since 3ds Max does not support Scale Compensate, any joint hierarchy you use in Maya with scale compensate looks wrong in 3ds Max.

This makes it rather unsupported/less supported (TBC) on game engines.

Here’s a script that will turn it off for every joint in your scene.

import maya.cmds as mc

joints =”joint”)

for joint in joints:
mc.setAttr(“{joint}.segmentScaleCompensate.”.format(joint=joint), 0)